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Despite all your time at uni, are you still feeling unprepared?

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- Lacking confidence with complex patients?
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Course Outline

A) Lumbar Spine

- Anatomy Kinematics & key lumbar assessment techniques (Video 35:00)
- Key Treatment & Exercise Interventions (Video 33:00 min)

B) Pelvis & SIJ

- Anatomy, Biomechanics and key pelvic assessment techniques (Video 43:00)
- Pelvis Key treatment Techniques (Video 32:00)
- Key Exercise intervention for the Pelvis (Video 22:00 min)

C) Thoracic Spine & Ribs

- Anatomy, Kinematics and assessment techniques of Thoracic facet joints, upper and lower thoracic ribs (Video 40:00) FREE PREVIEW
- Key treatment techniques for Thoracic ribs and facet joints and exercise intervention (Video 44:00 min)

D) Cervical Spine

- Anatomy and Kinematics of Cervical Spine (Video 49:00)
- Clinical assessment of the cervical spine and effective and efficient treatment strategies (Video 55:09)

E) The Hip

- Hip joint and muscular Anatomy, kinematics and key Hip assessment techniques (Video 44:16)
- Key Hip assessment strategies part b and manual therapy treatment strategies (Video 32:00) - Dysfunction specific exercise rehabilitation of the hip (Video 3: 40:21)

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